About Us

Our Experience

When the time comes to build a federal business deciding on the right strategy is the first big step.  How do you know your organization, products  and business processes are ready?  Where should you start?   Having an understanding of current policies, macro economics, budgets and programs,  effective marketing,  social media,  strategic partners and channel mechanics are all essential to your success.  FedReps offers customers extensive experience in all these areas focused on success in the Public Sector IT market and provides critical insight and best practices to consistently win new business.

Our Approach

Our services include  comprehensive consulting to help identify gaps and opportunities.  We can provide a complete  plan, or we can work with you in specific areas to help improve key performance metriics.   We  advise you on the unique aspects of selling to the US Federal goverment and clearly define what is needed within your company to  create a sustainable and growing line of revenue.

Why Us?

Collectively our team has more than 50  years of focused Public Sector Sales  experience.  We guide you on all  aspects of Product Marketing, Sales, and Channel Mangement.   Additionally, we have technical depth to marry the customer's requirements with specific product capabilites.   We offer our clients experienced market insight to assess products and services for market viability and provide guidance through the malaise of government regulations and contract procurement practices.  The results are the development and delivery of an accelerated ramp up of sales against a normally protracted sales  cycle.